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Spirited Away (2001) → Once you’ve met someone, you never really forget them.

Fonte: finnthehumanoid

Fonte: finnthehumanoid


Totoro Plushie from Aiseu-Tea || Click 'Read More' for full review!Discount Code: CHICKABIDDY

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Totoro Plushie from Aiseu-Tea || Click 'Read More' for full review!
Discount Code: CHICKABIDDY

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Ryan  McGinley


Ryan  McGinley

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Let it Glow - now with bracelets and bookmarks!

Photography by pixel-flux

As well as the good old necklaces :) For now I only have one of each of those bracelets and bookmarks you see in the photos, but I do plan on making more if they have the demand. And I remind you that custom orders are still open, so if you want to get yourself a personalized glowing bottle, go here! You will have to wait in quite the line though, hehe, sorry! I’m working as fast as I can :)

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haku & chihiro 

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Embroidered Notebook by Fabulous Cat.

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